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New City Designer Pages

There are three new pages now about different Western Washington cities.

Let’s talk about our three new pages today.

Each of these three pages is about closet builders in Western Washington.

These three pages are about Tacoma, Vancouver and Bellevue.

Lots of people aren’t really sure who to call when they want a new closet.

A majority of these people find it helpful to see a short list of potential choices.

We thought we would use each of these pages to discuss one of the top builders in each of those cities.

These pages should help readers make a good decision as to who to do business with.

You really don’t want to make a mistake and pick someone that isn’t going to do a great job.

Those new pages are listed right here – Bellevue WA, Vancouver WA or Tacoma WA

If you would like to leave a review of a closet designer you have experience with, we would certainly look forward to reading it.

First Locations

Our first pages about closet designers are finished.

These first couple of pages are about the cities of Spokane and Seattle.

Our intent is to make it easier for residents of either of these cities to find a top designer and builder in their town.

These two cities each have plenty of contractors, it’s difficult to know which one is the right one for you.

Most people won’t have a need for a builder very often, and when they do, they usually don’t know who to call first.

Choosing the right contractor for your situation may not be the biggest decision you make this year, but your selection might be important.

You should just gather enough information about the available designers and companies, and then make the best decision you can.

You can check out those first pages here: Seattle WA or Spokane WA

If you have any comments about designers in one of those two cities, we would be interested in hearing about it.


This is our new website about designing closets.

We put this site together to help out homeowners who need a bigger closet.

We’re intending to build a short list of good local companies in each city in our area.

If you had a good experience with one of these closet designing companies, perhaps you could let us know about it.

These user reviews and comments may help us decide which local company or companies to showcase.

Any input you send our way would be appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to come by our website.

Let it Begin

So we have just started this new site. It has just gone live.

We are hoping this site will be an easy way for homeowners who want more closet space to connect with someone who can design, build and organize their closet.

We will have pages for all major cities in Washington.