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About Us

Looking for a closet designer to help you out?

Closet designers are being contacted more and more by demanding homeowners.

This website was built to make it simpler to find a good interior designer here in Washington State.

The goal of this site is to showcase a few of the most popular companies in our state.

There are pages for each of the larger Washington cities — from Bellingham to Vancouver, and from Spokane to Seattle.

If you happen to live in or near one of cities, perhaps one of them will be right for you.

Finding just the right designer isn’t always easy.

Each one can be different.

Some designers will charge more than others will.

And while most designers will do a good job, some are better at certain activities than they are at others.

Some design services might be booked up and won’t be able to do your work.

The best strategy is to come up with one or two possible solutions and then discuss your situation with each one in order to make your final decision.

But, in the big scheme of things, deciding which interior designer to use isn’t going to be the biggest decision you make this year.

You just need to put together some of the most important factors and make the best decision you can at the time.

If you look for them, you will see that there are several good companies you can trust your business to.

All you have to do is call them and get started.

We have put together several pages where we mention one or two popular designers in each city.

It’s possible that one or more of these companies could be just right for your situation.

If you think we are missing a really good service in this field, go ahead and let us know about it.

There are plenty of websites to visit, we appreciate the time you spent with us.